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How long does it take to transcribe a digital file?

There is no exact time that can be given as it depends on a number of factors: a) the length of the digital recording b) the clarity of the audio and speed at which the person is speaking c) the content/complexity d) the recording quality/environment and the position of the microphone. However, as a guide, it typically takes one hour to transcribe/type a 15 minute dictation (e.g. four times the length of dictation). 

What dictation/transcription software will I need to use your 'digital' service?

You will need a digital recorder, an email account and access to the internet.  Once you dictate your work, the file is uploaded to your PC and can be sent to us securely via FTP through a secure upload link here.  E-quip Business Solutions will then transcribe the digital file using our transcription software and return the completed work to you.

Which digital recorders are recommended?

Choose a well known brand. Some of the more popular recorders include those from Philips, Sanyo, Sony, Grundig and Olympus. We highly recommend the DS-series (eg. DS2300) by Olympus. 

Which file format is best?

E-quip Business Solutions can transcribe most digital file formats (DSS, WAV, MP3, DVV, DVF). However, for voice recordings we recommend you choose a DSS format (SP mode) for the best voice quality. This file format is compressed which makes sending the file less problematic and it has the ability to store helpful and detailed file information in the header.

What are the advantages of going digital?

  • Superior quality recordings.
  • Recordings do not deteriorate over time.
  • No length restrictions.
  • Easy to add dictation in the middle of a file.
  • No issue over re-use, simply save to another file name.
  • Recordings can be copied without affecting quality.
  • Recordings are easily edited.
  • Less storage requirements as the file remains on your PC.
  • Quick delivery by FTP or e-mail, no postage or courier costs.

What are your terms of business?

  • Additional expenses such as postage/courier service, outlay, stationery etc. will be charged at cost.
  • Out of hours, weekend and bank holiday rates may differ.
  • All work is delivered upon receipt of payment. 
  • Payment is accepted by electronic transfer, cheque or PayPal.
  • Rates or overall project costing agreed at outset.
  • Document delivery is electronic or by post/fax. 
  • Monthly retainers are available on request.   





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