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What is transcription? The question what is transcription is often asked. Transcription is the process of converting speech into a typed form format.  A typist transcribes a voice recording and this is presented in the form of a transcript.  So what can be transcribed?   All forms of voice recordings can be transcribed – from single speaker dictation through to one-to-one interviews and multiple participant focus groups – what is said can be captured in print form easily through the use of a digital recorder and specialist transcription equipment.




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Transcription services: 

- Digital Transcription
- Audio Transcription
- Mini Tape Transcription
- Micro Cassette Transcription
- Standard Audio Tape Transcription
- Other Secretarial Services
Transcription expertise:
- Medical Transcription  
- Legal Transcription
- Academic Transcription
- Student Transcription
- Business Transcription
- Interview Transcription
- Focus Group Transcription
- Vox Pops Transcription
- Media Transcription
- Podcast/Webcast Transcription












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