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Are you a transcriptionist?  E-quip Business S olutions is always looking for people who want the flexibility of working from home and for themselves.
If you have the required skills and experience together with the specialised equipment then perhaps you can transcribe for us.


Minimum Requirements
Please note you must have the following before you can complete the online application form: 

  • High speed broadband
  • Transcription software, footpedal and headset 
  • Excellent written English and grammar
  • Typing speed of at least 75 words per minute
  • 3 years relevant secretarial experience, specialist expertise an advantage
  • Previous dictaphone/audio typing experience
  • An excellent command of Microsoft Word preferably with an ECDL or similar qualification
  • Regular availability/flexibility to transcribe
If you are interested and feel that you meet the above criteria then please complete the online application form below.  CVs sent by way of an email attachment will automatically be deleted.  Please note that there is no guarantee that we will have any requirement for services and we regret we do not contact those who are unsuccessful in their application. Should we decide to pursue your application, we may require you to take a typing test to verify typing skills and accuracy.  The volume of interest in transcribing for E-quip Business S olutions means that we do not enter into correspondence other than through the formal online application method.

Recruitment FAQ's
Would I become an employee of E-quip Business S olutions ? 

No. If your application is successful we may have occasional need for your typing services but you will remain an independent contractor and you will work for yourself. You will not be an employee of E-quip Business S olutions and you will be solely responsible for all taxes and charges on income received
What equipment do I need?

You will need a high speed broadband connection at home and a PC with a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System.  Your PC needs a sound card, a web browser such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word software (version 2007 or higher).  You will have, and be familiar with using, transcription software to read/transcribe digital audio, a footpedal and a high quality headset

How do I get work?
We assign transcription projects to be completed within a given timeframe.  Full details of the project together with the necessary instructions as to format etc. will be provided prior to commencement.  All audio is sent securely via FTP

How much do I get paid?
We pay a competitive rate which is worked on a per minute of audio basis in the same way as we bill our clients.  The calculation method means you know in advance how much you will earn per recording transcribed. 

What is the payment method?
All typists based in the Republic of Ireland are paid in Euro directly into their bank accounts.  This payment is made on or after the last day of each month upon receipt of invoice.  Northern Ireland, UK and overseas typists will be paid through Paypal in the local currency equivalent of the Euro rate.  As an independent contactor you are responsible for your own tax affairs and the onus is solely on you to declare all income.

Is there a minimum level of income?

No. There is no minimum income and no guarantee that you will receive any transcription projects from us.  Your earnings are determined by how fast a typist you are.  The more audio you transcribe the greater your income level.  If you can only transcribe evenings and weekends then this will limit your earning potential 

Online Application Form
Please complete all fields in full:


Full Name: 

Educational Qualifications :
Secretarial Experience:      
Work Experience:              
Typing Speed:                   
Please give us an indication of your availablity:
Please tell us what transcription software, footpedal and headset you have (brand/model/specification):
Please tell us any further relevant details, skills, qualifications you may have or anything relevant to your application:
Solution Graphics

Transcription services: 

- Digital Transcription
- Audio Transcription
- Mini Tape Transcription
- Micro Cassette Transcription
- Standard Audio Tape Transcription
- Other Secretarial Services
Transcription expertise:
- Medical Transcription  
- Legal Transcription
- Academic Transcription
- Student Transcription
- Business Transcription
- Interview Transcription
- Focus Group Transcription
- Vox Pops Transcription
- Media Transcription
- Podcast/Webcast Transcription




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